A Quirky Story...

Quirky Weddings is a small company on a mission to bring you together with people who can do something excellent for your wedding.

We usually run two large Alternative Wedding Fairs per year in the Waterfront Hall in Belfast. We call them 'alternative' because our core values are a little different. We believe that you should be able to find ideas and services in a friendly, relaxed environment.

We believe that you should feel free to ask questions without feeling under pressure to make a decision. We hand pick the exhibitors we work with by taking applications from companies and choosing who we think will best suit the event. Each one is chosen because we feel they have something special in what they do and how they do it.

We look for exhibitors who are enthusiastic about weddings and who are excited /interested /curious about your ideas, no matter what they are. We welcome everyone, it doesn't matter what your budget is, what age you are or who you fell in love with.

Cate and Saima

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