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Founded in 2008 by Michael ‘Mick’ O’Dell after 20 years of drawing caricatures as gifts for friends, family and colleagues and in response to a request for a wedding caricaturist to attend a wedding in Donegal, Inkwell has expanded year on year to fill a gap in the entertainment market here in N.Ireland and Eire.

Hire Mick to come to your reception and draw ‘LIVE’ caricatures of your guests for a unique and hilarious form of entertainment.


Caricatures are Black and White with grey shading on A3 card pre-printed with the Bride and Grooms name and the date and take approx 4 mins each for an individual, slightly longer for couples and groups .Depending on the size of the wedding not everyone gets to be drawn but Mick always sits with his back to ‘the crowd’ so part of the entertainment is watching others being captured, and whilst the caricatures are designed to be amusing they shouldn’t cause offense.


The most popular time for caricature entertainment is in the afternoon between the service and the meal for 2-3 hours (min 2hours per booking) although it is also available in the evening for up to 4 hours if you prefer.