Mark Barton

Our style is all about atmosphere, emotion and fun. We love to capture genuine moments, and all those little details that make your wedding day unique. We love weddings and documenting the relationship between couples. It’s all about the love!

As a wedding photographer I understand that wedding photographs are very personal, capturing those intimate moments at one of the most special times in your life. You need to have confidence in the technical professionalism of your wedding photographer to get it right but you also need someone who is prepared to listen to your specific requirements, and someone who will not intrude or take the focus away from his subjects.

Weddings can also be very stressful occasions and this is one vital area you would be able to leave, with confidence, to me. My relaxed style will help to put you at ease and by being as unobtrusive as possible, I will capture the spontaneity of the occasion with a freshness that will set your photographs apart from the rest!