Photo credit: Erica Irvine Photography

Don’t Throw Your Bouquet – Preserve it Forever!

When you have spent so much time and thought into lovingly choosing your wedding flowers, you probably want to keep them forever. After all, they are such an important addition to your day – they help create the vibe of your wedding and your bouquet is what you carry when you walk down the aisle to meet your life partner.  

Don’t just assume that your bouquet will end up on the compost heap – Floral Preservation Artist, Laurene can preserve it for you!  


Laurene at Under the Laurel Tree has been building and developing her business in this area in Northern Ireland for over four years now. 

Laurene says, “All things ‘dried flowers’ are making the beautiful comeback they deserve. From being able to include dried elements like fluffy pampas grass and dried seed heads in your wedding floral package and the beautiful combination of both preserved and fresh elements in your wedding bouquet itself… to them being hugely on trend in our home decor… this is seeming like a comeback that is here to stay… and rightly so!” 

Many different styles are on offer in the world of floral preservation artistry. Laurene offers the specialised, professional process of 3D preservation.  

Check out the beautiful work she creates. 


It’s quite a process, but luckily one that Laurene is well versed in. Locking in the true and beautiful 3D form of your florals and foliage, Laurene translates and transforms the materials into a unique dried floral artwork, before mounting and protecting them in a bespoke shadow box frame – which she also crafts herself in house! 

The traditional art of 3D preservation is quite magical, and investing in having your wedding florals preserved with Laurene will take you and your flowers on a unique journey. From the day you drop your bouquet off with Laurene it will be bestowed with intensive TLC. From the pre-preservation treatment your florals will receive… to being tucked away for several weeks while all of their unique original and natural form is preserved as perfectly as possible… to Laurene working directly with you to decide all of the finer details of your final design.  

Having your wedding florals preserved by Under the Laurel Tree will provide you with something beautiful to trigger memories of your special day for many years to come. What better symbol of your everlasting love and union in marriage? 

Photo credits: Erica Irvine Photography

Under the Laurel Tree is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. You can contact Laurene at  Laurene’s availability for the remainder of 2021 is very limited.