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Sunday, 24 September 2023


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Meet the Quirky Team

I’m one of the co-ounders of Quirky Weddings. It all began in 2010 when I worked for Saima in her gym. I was a quirky bride in 2002 and didn’t feel I fit the mould of what a ‘bride’ was back then. The idea for the business was brewing for many years before the time was right to make it happen. I took a bit of a step back from working in Quirky full time about 4 years ago but still oversee the marketing, events and content for The Book. Chat to me if you have anything you’d like covered at Net-Quirking Night. You can reach me at 078 8876 2470 or

I’m the other co-founder of Quirky Weddings. Like Cate I had a non-traditional wedding and was always keen to work in the wedding industry. It has amazed me how the landscape has changed since my wedding but more so how social media has changed the game! I’m the full timer at Quirky Weddings, the back bone of the operation. I deal with most matters like questions about the fairs or advertising in The Book or online. Chat to me if you have content you’d like in the newsletter which goes out fortnightly. Reach me at or 078 6679 5992.

I joined Quirky Weddings last year to manage and develop the Instagram communications. Cate and Saima said they knew they couldn’t use Insta in the way our audience do and so they found me! It’s vital that your company have the right presence on this channel and keep it alive and engaging. I am always keen to hear from companies who have gorgeous images or video that might suit our feed. Please get in touch by messaging me on Instagram @quirkywed or email

I have been part of the Quirky Wedding team for over 6 years now, back when I had my very own Quirky Wedding. Since working with the team, I have created a new website and brand for Quirky Weddings. Chat to me about anything in regards to the website, if you have a directory listing with us or an upgrade for the fair, you can email your content to