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On the day
Dos and Don’ts


Arrive early to give yourself plenty of time to get set up. The earlier you get there the more chance you have of getting unloaded quickly. St George’s Market will be open. Why not get set up then pop over for breakfast and arrive back feeling full and ready to tell people all about how amazing you are.

Bring a chatty chum. Make sure you have someone with you to not only help you set up but to help you field enquiries on the day. They will make sure you can get a chance to pop to the loo or to bring you coffee and cake. They can also handle enquiries if you are busy chatting.

Be comfortable. Wear clothes and shoes that allow you freedom to build your stand and also to let you stand all day chatting.

Bring lots of examples of your work. Give couples the chance to see and experience as much as possible.

Get visitors contact info! Please do not assume everyone you speak to will remember the name of your company and hang on to your flyer or business card. Have a method of gathering info with you. It may be via a competition or using an online form – just make sure you get their details and follow up!



Don’t party too much the night before. You’ll want to be on top form to meet the visitors!

Don’t leave your car in the turning circle any longer than 10 minutes – this is super important. If you are there too long the clampers will come and the fine to be released is £95. The turning circle needs to be accessed by approx 130 vehicles in a very short space of time. We gotta get everyone in so you need to move your vehicle quickly!

Don’t assume you know who is getting married. If a group of people approach you and it’s not obvious from what they initially say – don’t assume who the couple are. Don’t offend an older couple, a same sex couple etc. Just use a generic ‘So how are plans going?’ type opener and they will usually disclose who the couple are.

Don’t break down your stand before the end of the show. This is a definite no no. While there are still visitors there are still sales to be had. We’ve had a lot of reports of last minute bookings, some pretty large!