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Exhibiting at Quirky Weddings
Frequently Asked Questions

If you have purchased a standard space (£350 plus VAT) then you have 9ft by approx 4 ft. If you have purchased a small space it will be 6ft wide by approx 4 ft. Large spaces are usually unusual shapes and we usually communicate directly about these. If you want to upgrade to a larger space chat to us to find out if there are any left.

Please do not encroach on the space of the people beside you. Because we are free flow and do not have shell scheme it can be easy to over estimate how much space you should take up. If in doubt please speak to one of us. It saves us having to ask you to move stuff after you’ve set it up. We need to all work together to make the fair brilliant and being respectful of each others space will help reduce any stress!

Well, this is not decided by us – it’s a cost from the Waterfront Hall and we do not add a single penny to the price. They have to bring in an external contractor to lay cables to draw power to your stand. They have to do this late at night and on a weekend. Then they have to come and take it away again on the Sunday evening. They also have to have 2 men there during the show to make sure everything is ok. So it’s not the actual electricity itself that costs the money but the labour it takes to lay the cables.

Sorry, the venue are watching like hawks for this kind of activity. If you’re spotted they will charge us and we’ll charge you.

No, this will breach our health and safety code. If you need to get a bit of height please let us know in advance so we can sort something out for you!

We love balloons too, they’re so pretty. However due to the shape of the building and the very high ceilings in parts, they are only allowed with permission in advance. That way we can look at where we can position you on the day that ‘might’ make it possible. Please don’t just bring them on the day without speaking to us first. There is a £1000 charge from the venue if they get loose and have to be retrieved from a high ceiling.

While this might seem like a good idea to you, we can’t allow this. If everyone did that it would not be a nice environment for visitors. Imagine being at an event and being bombarded with people handing out flyers every step you took. People come to Quirky because we promote ‘no hard sell’. Please stay at your stand area.

We strongly suggest you do NOT bring flyers. We want to minimise any chance of spreading infection at the event. Please think about how you can transfer your information digitally. Maybe have a QR code linked to your website that people can scan or have your Instagram handle visible on your stand.

We reserve the right to keep this information until the morning of the event. We decide who goes where because that way we can make sure we split up people from the same category, reduce the risk of noise clash, reduce the risk of bottle necks in areas where the space is a little less etc. Imagine if you chose your space and got there to find someone who does the same/similar thing located right beside you. We also often get last minute cancellations and have to replace one company with another company from a different category – this often means reworking a whole room to eliminate any clashes. If you need to be away from a window though or need to have a wall behind you- please let us know and we can do our best to accommodate this!

We will be sending visitors a digital stand guide before the event. The stand guide will show a cross section of the building and list of who is located in which area. It is very simple and straightforward.

No. Have a look here at photos from the last fair to give you an idea of how the event looks.

On the booking form you will have selected which kind of table you would like us to provide you with on the day. You can change your mind about this but please let us know as far in advance as possible. There are limited numbers of all the tables so try and make sure you don’t miss out by leaving it to the last minute.

The dimensions of each are

Trestle tables – 180 x 70 x 70cm

Poseur tables – elbow height – marble and silver ones are 40cm in diameter and  wooden ones are 70cm in diameter

3ft squares

5ft rounds


You need to tell one of us immediately! We will do our best to resolve
issues as quickly as possible so you can get on with promoting your business. It may be that the stand next to you has encroached on your space or are playing music too loudly. This is a team event, we are all working together. They probably haven’t realised that they have caused an issue for you. We’ll sort it out but you need to let us know ASAP.

Give us plenty of notice and we will do our very best to make this happen. It’s unlikely to be possible if you wait until the  day before or morning of the event to ask though! As soon as you know – let us know.

No. Anything displayed at a height which is not secured will be an issue for our Health and Safety Officer, Brian. He’ll tap his clipboard and make you take them down. We just have to make sure no one gets clunked on the head by a massive falling doll – or anything else for that matter.

In the past exhibitors have used bowls of sweets to lure visitors over to speak to them. This is lovely but we want to minimise any chance of spreading infection at the event. A bowl of wrapped sweets means lots of hands going into the bowl at a time when we are trying to limit our touch points. PLEASE think carefully about whether you really need to do this.
If you are a business who relies on samples to sell your product – then please think about how you can minimise the chance of several people touching the same serving platter.
Any unwrapped food to be handed out as samples (cake, sweets, shortbread etc) needs to be approved by the Waterfront Hall at least one week in advance of the event – you will do this by completing the food sampling form.  You also need PL insurance to cover you for £10million. 

Yes there will be. But those photos are for our future marketing purposes rather than a service we offer to exhibitors. You’re welcome to use them after the event but we can’t guarantee that the photographer will get one of your stand. To make sure you get a photo – ask a fellow exhibitor to take one of your stand before the doors open or do it yourself.

We wish! No, sorry, set up is from 7am on the day of the fair only. If you need in a little earlier because you have a particularly fancy set up – let us know!

There’s a multi-storey car park really close by, on Laganbank Road – full details here. If you have a van, it ‘may’ fit in this car park depending on the height. If it is too tall to go into this car park you might want to try on-street parking close by (Free on a Sunday). We don’t have access to anywhere else you can use unfortunately.

We will be issuing a special code to use for a discounted day rate so please hold off on booking until closer to the event.

If you cancel and give more than 4 weeks notice we will charge 10% of the cost of the space plus VAT.  However if it is less than 4 weeks before the event you must pay 100% of the stand fee. This is because we have allocated a space to you and will not have enough time to resell the space. 

Yes – they must be wrapped sweets like Haribo or Celebrations. Anything else, unwrapped, like shortbread or mini cupcakes require a food sampling form to be completed and certain documentation to be provided (contact us if you want to do this). If you do provide wrapped sweets you must also display the relevant allergen information if it is not printed on the individual sweets. This will be included on the packaging of the product.

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