Paper Window

This is the exciting bit, planning your big day! There's lots to think about, and if you haven't done it before then it can feel a bit overwhelming – so that's why we offer something a little different.

If you're the sort of couple who aren't massive fans of having your photo taken, really don't enjoy posing and would like to share your day with family rather than the photographer - that doesn't mean you can't still have great images of your big day!

We offer a set up with no set-ups, we might go for a little walk if you're happy with that, or if not – we'll introduce ourselves in the morning, and needn't bother you the rest of the day! Your wedding will go by in a flash, so the most important thing is that you enjoy yourselves, plus that makes for better pictures anyway! Of course we can do the family shots if you'd like, but that's totally up to you – our aim is to get great images of the day as it unfolds. Without getting in the way! The best compliment we can be paid is “that photo's great I didn't even see you taking it!”

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