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So, you’re not having a summer wedding anymore?

By Carrie Davenport of Crazy, Happy, Love

I’m not even mentioning its name – you know why your sunny July wedding is now in February or December and while you can’t wait to get married, you’re probably worrying about how different it will be. That’s why I’m here – to help you embrace the changes and have an amazing day!

My name is Carrie and I’m the photographer behind Crazy Happy Love Photography. I’ve had a lot of couples change their wedding dates and with summer weekends booking up well in advance a lot of couples have had to change their plans and seasons to suit. Good news – I ADORE autumn and winter weddings. I had one myself on New Year’s Eve four years ago. So here are some tips I learned from my own big day and from helping lots of others to plan theirs.

Chat to your photographer
Yes, I know I’m all about the photos, but this will totally put your mind at ease. We can use any available light or off-camera flash to get your gorgeous shots. Bear in mind light will be gone as early as 4pm in December, fine for early ceremonies but later ones should consider first look photos beforehand to capture the light.
In winter urban locations work great, so think about striking architecture or street art for your backdrops. Early sunsets make for stunning golden toned photos. Autumnal leaves are my favourite for warm portraits and Christmas lights add sparkle and glamour to any wedding.

Dress Appropriately
That silk slip dress will be fab indoors but don’t forget to get something to keep yourself warm too. There are so many gorgeous options, from customised jackets to fluffy jumpers and gorgeous shawls, so treat yourself to another beautiful piece for your outfit. Unlike your dress you can wear it every day afterwards too.
Don’t forget your bridesmaids who will want to be warm too and it’s never a bad idea to bring flats for your photo session. Do remember a dress with a train will hit the ground so accept it that if you go outside it may get dirty. I opted for a tea length dress myself and for brides in longer dresses I bring plastic sheeting to put under dresses to keep them clean. Shoot more indoors, find dry spots and get a bridesmaid to help with dress duties. Dry cleaners are magicians though so don’t worry if you find your dress is less white the next day.

What if it rains?
This is a really frequent question and here’s the thing – it could rain any time during the year so don’t fret! You can have photos indoors, get great umbrellas or hide under sheltered spots. Weather is one thing you can’t control so don’t let it annoy you. It may even snow and that will be stunning. You only do this once, don’t let worry about wet feet stop you from having fun.

What about the decor?
There are so many potential flowers available now that your florist will be able to make you something beautiful, the same goes for your venue decor. Candles add romance and warmth, sparklers are great for late-night photos and aren’t as messy as confetti and think about those warm toned dreamy colours you can use.

I really love autumn and winter weddings. What used to be off-peak is now my busiest season as so many couples choose to go with them. So, have an amazing day and enjoy a wee mulled wine as well as your champagne – sure it would be rude not to!

Carrie is based in Northern Ireland and is available for wedding photography worldwide. Her diary for 2021 is fully booked.

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